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Blood Transfusion assembly

Item code :BA02

  • Common Features
  • ⑴ Spike:material:ABS

    ⑵ Spike protector material:PP

    ⑶ Drip chamber:material:PVC, specification:98mm,20drops/ml

    ⑷ Blood tubular filter:mesh material:medical grade PA6-6;plastic frame:PP;specification:φ17.3×62mm
    wire diameter of monofilament:100±10μm,mesh pore size:200±20μm;Filtration rate: shall be no less than 85%

    ⑸ Flow rate:The filter shall deliver no less than 1000ml of blood at(23±2)℃ in 30mins with a pressure difference of 10kPa
    and it shall also deliver no less than 500ml of blood in 2mins under a pressure difference of 30kPa above atmospheric pressure.

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