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Infusion set

Item CodeIS05

  • Features as follows
  • ① Spike material:ABS

    ② Spike protective cap material:PP

    ③ Air vent(Blue)material:PE with 0.25 pore size of the hydrophobic membrane

    ④ Drip chamber:material:PVC;specification:54mm

    ⑤ Infusion filter:mesh material:medical grade PA6-6,Plastic frame:ABS;specification:φ13.2×3.7mm
    wire diameter of monofilament:48μm;pore size:15+3/-2μm;Filtration rate:85%

    ⑥ Flow rate:For the infusion set with 20drops/ml,The filter shall deliver no less than 1000ml of sodium chloride(Quality thickness Nacl=9g/l) at(23±2)℃ in 10mins with a pressure difference of 10kPa

    ⑦ Tube length:1.5m、1.7m、1.8m;the length of short tube:200mm

    ⑧ Roller clamp:specification:48mm;material:ABS

    ⑨ Hypodermic needle:O.D:0.80mm; specification:21G,green;(As per your specific requirements))

  • Options Available
  • - With or without air vented spike;

    - With or without needle;

    - With or without “Y” injection port(Latex or Latex free);

    - Roller clamp:57mm、45mm available,

    - 5 kinds of Luer lock and 2 kinds of luer slip available

  • Packaging: Paper Plastic Pouch or PE package
  • Reference Standard: ISO8536-4:2007

    Certification Standard: ISO9001:2008,ISO13485:2003

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